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Feb, 2014

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Soulfill is a mobile-assisted live action role-playing game to secretly play while waiting for the subway. Built exclusively on iOS using accessibility features, the game has no graphics, only audio and gestures.


To play Soulfill, you listen to narrator prompts on your iPhone while waiting or riding public transportation. You score points by initiating and maintaining eye contact with strangers. Be careful, you lose points by making eye contact with those already looking at you. The game challenges players to progress past the awkwardness of initiating eye contact with strangers in a setting where social contact presents a certain level of danger. Inevitably the game uncovers the fact that these fears are self-imposed, and that those around us in this same threatening setting have the same fears.


  • Developed for the Global Game Jam 2014
  • Combinds the popular interactive fiction tool Twine with iOS7's accesibility features to create a story-driven audio experience.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Interaction Award" IndieCade, September 2014
  • "Game of the Year Nominee" Philly Geek Awards, August 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Soulfill is highly experimental, daring, addictive and questions what a 'mobile game' can be."
    - Sarah Wilkinson, Protein
  • "“Soulfill” raises questions on the difficulty and the awkwardness in connecting with others, all while using the very smartphones that constantly divert attention away from face-to-face communication."
    - Todd Martens, LATimes
  • "Yeah, we know, it sounds a little creepy (or “fairly creeptastic,” as developer Jason Marziani puts it). There’s something human about it that’s nice though, too. It’s part game, part social experiment."
    - Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly
  • "This an odd game that stands to make some people very uncomfortable."
    - Juliet Bennett Rylah, LAIST

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About Little Wins llc

Jason Marziani is a game designer, developer, and writer. Under the brand Little Wins, he builds mobile titles on the Unity platform. His recent work includes development on Domino! by Flyclops, IndieCade 2014 winner Soulfill, and 2015 Webby winner ChemCrafter by BlueCadet. A coworking pioneer, Jason spent 5 years at Philadelphia’s Indy Hall before moving to the Philadelphia Game Forge. Prior to Little Wins, Jason was Tech Lead at the advertising firm Red Tettemer O’Connell and Partners. Jason holds a B.S. in Film and Television from Boston University and a Certificate in Marketing Management from Wharton.

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Soulfill Credits

Jason Marziani
Writer and Developer, Little Wins LLC

Rob Miller
Additional sound effects, Freelancer

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